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[Translation] Uma no Ume vol. 11

Finally getting back to work~ Don't worry folks, just because I'm into k-pop now doesn't mean I'll forget Yuma, I love just as much as I loved him a year ago =w=
So here comes the one-year-late translation of Yuma's J-web, posted during March LAST YEAR~ XD, figured I should at least pick up where I dropped off~ So this was around the time when Yuma went to LA and the whole John Carter voice acting thing♫
I hope you enjoy reading it, it is a bit longer, but I must apologize in advance that I haven't touched Japanese for a years now so please understand the retarded translation if it doesn't make sense m(_ _)m

Things to start thinking about in spring
Hey everyone, that is all from Nakayama Yuma
Just joking~~
Already starting talking nonsense!
Start again, this is Nakayama Yuma
This month’s topic is things to start thinking about in spring!!!
There are a lot of things I want to do in spring~~

First of all is to see Cherry Blossoms~
Seeing Cherry blossoms while BBQing sound good~!
But the biggest challenge being around flowers
is… Hay Fever!!
I hate it~~~
Speaking of which, even now I’m still battling with hay fever...
Ne, did you know?Okinawa doesn’t have any pollen so hay fever doesn’t exist!
( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Ah!

But everything that exists all has their purposes!
So, hay fever definitely has its purpose
since there’s a saying that there’s nothing useless in this world~~~
Change a subject, not long ago I attended the movie [John Carter]’s premier in Los Angeles
Wa!! I went there.
Mindlessly used a lot of Katakana ╭ (╯3╰) ╮
I challenged being a voice actor
When the movie airs in Japan please everyone definitely has to go watch it!

2013 March 11th
we were at Tokyo Dome doing Marching J charity activity
So many people came.
Thank you everyone who cared, and thank you for your love.
Although I only have very limited power, but I’ll use it to the fullest.
So everyone should go through each day with a smile too~~
That is all from Nakayama Yuma
There is our boy full of love♥ Haha!
I'll try do more J-Web translation soon =w= Please look forward to that♫
And so I continue the part 2 scanlation more than 1 year after I posted part 1.... I should really get hanged for letting you guys wait for so long m(_ _)m me so sorry~~~
I hope we've all been well, some of the posting settings on LJ has changed, still trying to adjust to it =P so please just bear with me!
Anyway, so part 2 of chapter 23 is just 4 pages worth of little 4 boxed manga, not really related to what you read a year ago. It did took me about 1 hr to do per page, some of the words exceeds out of the speech bubble because Japanese words are written down and English we write across so there really isn't enough space horizontally ^^"l
Keep in mind that you read from right to left~ Asian manga style♪


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Hello hello, whoever is left on my friend's list that's looking at this~ Looooooonnnnnnngg time no see, y'all! I am the woman who mysteriously went MIA and then now back because I want to show off the new addition to my pretty collections *bashed*
So, it was about this time last year that I wrote a post about the 3 Johnny's Calendar I've purchased. Well, that's about to all happen again, comparing this years from last year, looking at the pictures, blah blah~ So let's just get into it♥

Yes, HSJ is bigger than Kisumai and Yuma/Jr/ABC-Z/Sexy Zone combined~ Which is a great improvement compared to the tightly binded photo book last year~
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[Translation] Uma no Ume vol. 10

Sorry sorry~~ I was suppose to post this yesterday but something came up unexpectedly and so I didn't have access to my computer the whole night ><"~I'm slowly trying to catch up to the latest entry, hopefully that will eventually happen. For the time being, have a read of what was going on with Yuma during Feburary this year ^~^♫
You guys already know the drill, welcome to share and repost JUST DON'T CLAIM THEM YOUR OWN~ And just let me know if you do want to tranlate them into another language =) I promise I won't bite! xD

Midwinter must-haves

This is Nakayama Yuma
I’ve updated late
really sorry about that

It’s already getting quite cold!
My ears are getting sore. Laughs

This month’s topic is [Midwinter must-haves]

Un~~first of all is knitted hat!!
That way it won’t get so cold that the ears started to hurt\ (^O^)/!!

Then it’s face mask
Ne, did you know? Face masks are unexpectedly warm!
I even where it when I sleep, it can also prevent dryness!!

And then it has to be kotatsu!!
Kotatsu is the best!! \ (^O^)/~
Let’s become kotatsu lovers!
First thing after coming home is to crawl into the kotatsu~!
But the hard part is once you get in you won’t want to come out~

Recently I think scarves are great too

To think about it, there’s actually plenty of product to keep you warm~!
Instead of that there’s something more important I have to say to everyone.

Happy Valentine!!!!
A once a year special day has come

Girls will make them right?
Every year the boys are all waiting nervously

I want to eat chocolate~~
I have to give other members chocolate too
that’s right. Laughs

So I wish everyone have a lovely day!!
Everyone, Happy Valentine!

That is all from Nakayama Yuma~~

For some reason I find Yuma very dorky sometimes the way he writes, and it's just plain adorable ♥
Anyway, that's all from me tonight~ I shall be back again next weekend, got exams this coming week (and here I am... not studying?!), Wish me luck x]

[Translation] Uma no Ume vol. 9

Hey yo all Yuma fans! Long time no seeeeeeee~~~
So after an almost 6 months of unannounced hiatus, I've finally decided to start translating things again! *Cheers* and I've decided to pick up where Mai-chan (xmaimonx) has left off, which I hope she doesn't mind (^^"). Just keep in mind that my format will be a bit different because I got the original Japanese file from my friend who types it out so I have no idea if she has missed any emoji or other stuff... but generally the content I try to keep it as accurate as possible! Keep in mind that vol. 9 was posted back in January this year ;)


2012, and 18 years old’s resolution and goal

Hi everyone, I’m Nakayama Yuma (^O^)/
Happy New Year!!

Ya~ year 2012 has come (^-^)/
2012 let’s get through it with energy and good health
2012 there’s a lot of things I want to do!

Right now I’m performing at [Takizawa Kakumei]!! Although it’s very tiring every day, but it’s very enjoyable to be under the lead of Takizawa-senpai!
For me, that’s the best start of the year

Next I want to act in a lot of drama!!
That’s what I’ve been thinking

12 February on Kansai TV the drama <Tsubasa yo! Are ga Koi no Hi da> will air so everyone has to watch it!
I’m acting with Shige and Kami-chan

The filming was fun
so everyone should definitely watch it

And today is my birthday!
Updating on my birthday is really cool, right~

And then it’s Takizawa Kakumei!!!

I’ll do my best~ the 18 years old Nakayama Yuma please look after me, let’s all keep walking with smiles!

Aye Aye Ooh~~~

Done done! Tomorrow night I'll post volume 10~ So tune into that =D
Oh it's been so long since I lasted translated, Yuma has done so much more things already~ I think the next thing he needs to do though it to either have a haircut or straighten it... but that's just my personal opinion =P
Hey hey hey hey~~~ Long time no see!! Yes, I'm still alive~ As a matter of fact, I've always been here... just haven't been bothering when it comes to posting (^^") and the other reason being... well, I kind of got sucked into k-pop *shot*. I hope you've all missed me (<--bashed). It's been way too long, I almost forgot how to post things, kind of had to look at my previous work and try to figure out how to do it all again xD
So following from the survey conduct here, the Yabu-Inoo centred chapter came next in terms of most wanted to read first. Now unlucky for me, this chapter is actually the longest chapter of the the manga. So since I still have very limited time, I'm breaking it into 2 part. First part is Yabu and Inoo's story, while second part has series of those 4 boxed manga. The 2nd part, I'm hoping to get done before the month (but no promises because I tend to break them more than I keep them *shot*). Anyway, it's great to be back and posting again and I hope you enjoy this adorable chapter♥♫

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Let me know if there's any problem with the link or the files, I had a little trouble uploading it but the link has been tested~ For other chapter I've already completed, please refer to the tags below because YuMi is too lazy to do a master post =w=
Hello~ My minions~~~(bashed) I made it before April!! Just~
Keito's birthday is tomorrow~~~ also April Fool's day! I've already came up with plenty of little evil tricks for people xD. Be extra careful tomorrow xD
According to the little survey I conducted, chapter 25 seems to caught people's attention a bit more then others~ But I forgot to mention that this chapter is a bit more Chinen centric, non the less the rest of the JUMP are all in this chapter~ Enjoy♥

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Let me know if there is any problem at all with the link~ And to download some of the other I've completed scanlating (in random orders :P) Please just refer to the tag... I can't be bothered anymore to stick every single link to all the entries (=w=)
I've done a post with a short description of each chapter, and you can vote for which chapter you'd like to read~ Cast your vote [HERE] I'll scanlate according to the population and eventually get them all done... hopefully! ♫

They~ Have~ FINALLY~arrived to me =D
This was probably one of the most ginormous parcel I've ever received from CDJapan~ Pretty heavy too! xD
3 calendars come in different styles... in terms of styles, I like the Kisumai one better, I'll explain why later~ (Hey! that rhymes)

JUMP has a more appealing outer box... the rest is same as last year~ The Jr one is so tiny this year T.T
and after opening~

The Jr calendar includes the major one which has 3 parts: Yuma, Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z with major Jrs/Kansai Jrs.... and it's in a book format (I loved the one last year where I can hang on my wall~~~ QAQ). It also includes a small cheap quality monthly calendar where you get to see tiny shots of other Jrs, my poor babies~ 4 members of MSM (Iwamoto is in the main one and Abe was on hiatus and we all know noon boyz are pretty much on their own now), Question? (even though Fujiie look sooo cute♥~), They BUDO (YamaRyo~ QAQ) and whatever is left of Veteran... On the general, I'm not really happy about it but~ I'm quite satisfied at the Yuma section of the calendar and the A.B.C-Z part as well♥

The Kis-My-Ft2 one came with a plastic folder~ one of those floppy ones (How thoughtful of them♥). The pictures are very nice, and because it has a handle thingy where you can hang on the wall, this will probably replace my Jr calendar from last year once March is overs~ It's loose-leafed to scanning is fairly easy, if you have a scanner that's bigger than your usual household use scanner~

Rather than a calendar, I'm more likely to call this a photo book with calendars shoved into random pages (that blue book with pink elastic)....A very closely binded book~ Will I use it? Probably note~ Just taking it out of the box every now and then to flip through and stare at beautiful/sexy/cute pictures of Keito♥ A little bonus from the JUMP calendar is the memo pad~ which is rather useful I guess, I wish they'd make more of that. My brother (who is a MAJOR K-pop fan) has several unofficial memo pads of GG, why can't Japanese people do something like that~~ >O<"l

And of course, something we all look forward to~ the cards!

So apparently Yuma doesn't have a belonging group (Because he is that special♥) My little forever-in-limbo soloist xD
On the overall base~ Not bad~ I still like to format of last year's Jr calendar way better! With the Jr calendar, it can be taken apart quite easily but pretty small compared to last year (Just have to keep mentioned how good last year's Jr calendar was). Kisumai one is loose-leaf as well and pretty big. Hey! Say! JUMP is a well bind together book, scanning is impossible unless you want to pull it apart, it is also A5 size pages. 
Which ones I'll actually use as a calendars? Kisumai and the mini calendar of Jrs (and it's pretty fragile looking). But YuMi is still a happy fan =)

Long time no see, my fellow Yuma fans~~ So I have finally got over the first and mission impossible exam of pathophysiology. And now I'm simply trying to take time out to do some translation for you guys~ ^^v Now I'm not sure of Maimon is translating volume 9 and 10 of Uma no Ume~ But I might just have time for them if anyone is eager to read~
JUMP fans, another scanlation of WaiWai Hey! Say! JUMP is coming up next~ So keep an eye out for that! Hopefully get them done by the end of Monday... but no promises~~
Anyway, many thanks to a_k_k_h_n for beta-English ♥

[Scan thanks to 山田涼介吧的 MoMozzz]

Q. Recently

New single, Kouhaku, Stage show… from December to January, I really did a lot of work. Right now the rehearsal for [~Takizawa Kakumei] has gradually begun. Last year, just the rehearsal alone was quite a challenge for me, but this year I’m getting better at participating in rehearsals, it was a huge relief. Although Takizawa-kun said [Yuma didn’t contact me at all~] (laughs); that’s because I got very nervous! This autumn I’ve gotten a lot of personal time, so getting busy all of a sudden made me lose track a bit (laughs). I really need to learn to keep up!

Q. Yuma’s suggestion to the other 2! Can NYC try____?

Rock climbing. Although I’ve always wanted to give it a try, rather than doing it by myself, I feel like it would be more fun if the three of us go together. But I’ve got a feeling that Chinen-kun wouldn’t be willing to go. While saying [Ah~so annoying], but then successfully start climbing faster than anyone else (laughs). I don't think you'll ever able to get Yama-chan up there though xD Did you forget he has a fear for heights?

Q. 2012, something you want to challenge?

In terms of acting I want to play a villain! “An extremely horrible bad guy.” I truly I want to try this type of character. Although in the past I’ve played a character with a cool feeling several times, in the end I always become the good guy. The character I want to act isn’t like that, but rather someone who’s bad to the bone from the beginning to end. A character that will make the viewers think [Wow, this guy is really hopeless]. Everyone from Kansa TV; if there is a character like that please definitely let me give it a try! This isn't the first time Yuma wanted to play a villain, do you think he'll suit? =P

Q. The morning “Speed run”

Speaking of ‘speed run’, I’m always rushing during mornings (laughs). Usually from when I wake up to leaving the house I only need 10 minutes to get ready. Approximately, I’ve been awake for 45 minutes, but by the time I’ve noticed that I woke up a while ago there’s only 10 minutes left… this is one of those unbelievable waking up phenomenon’s (laughs). What Yamada-kun said about my bed hair? That’s true. All my hair just stands up (laughs). But as long as I wear a hat, then there’s no problem. When I get to the work location and take my hat off to have a look, they still remain the same shape, those guys; they’re pretty stubborn (laughs). In Yamada's part of this interview, he mentioned that the way Yuma's hair is like in the morning is almost an art xDDD

Q. Within the 3, who can do anything the quickest after saying [Ready~ Go]?

Chinen-kun. Even if it’s his first time challenging that sport, something I need to take one month to complete, Chinen feels like he can immediately complete it on the spot (laughs). Eh, something I do really quickly? Writing English. This, I can write unexpectedly fast. Although it’s not something worth showing off, I can write English really fast. I want to challenge Yuma in writing English >:D

I hope everyone has had an amazing Valentine~ I know I did >w<♥
Anyway, I've went through the news and photos of Yuma at LA's premier of John Carter! That boy just grow more handsome every time I see him! Big congratulations on challenging voice acting for the first time~ maybe Chinen and Yamada can give you some advice on that! By the way, who has seen the Japanese version of Smurfs??? I went to watched the original, and really wonder how some of the things are going to get translated to Japanese =]
Finally, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I shall be back with the scanlation some time next week!Ciao!

Hello all, I'm going to make this quick 'cos I must get back to study for the damn exam already. But after the exam I want to spare some time out to do WaiWai HSJ scanlation. Now I want to ask those people who reads the scanlations: 

Which chapter would you like to read first of WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP?

These are the chapters already completed:
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 24
Chapter 27
Chapter 30
Chapter 33

I'll briefly describe the chapter I haven't done:

Chapter 22 
Keito centric, about how much hard work Keito has done in terms of practicing
. Coming up next♥

Chapter 23
About Yabu and Inoo and their cute relationship during work♥

Chapter 25
A badminton game among the members, all hilarious things that happen between the members.

Chapter 26
About Inoo juggling Uni life and being an idol, other members try to help out!

Chapter 28
Half is about 2010's SUMMARY, the other half is about Takaki's day off~

Chapter 29
Yuto's love for horse riding, a very short chapter~

Chapter 31
Keito and his obsession with Japanese culture xD

Chapter 32
Based on what happens during Hey!Say!7 UltraPower, Yuto and Yamada going the through some popular segments of the radio show.

Chapter 34
Chinen centric, about Chinen's interaction with other members and JUST HOW ADORABLE HE IS~♫

Chapter 35
A manga-fied version of the highlights of JUMP's 2011 Winter Con~

Chapter 36
A bit Dai-chan centric, where JUMP member goes out to eat together during their tours to various locations!

Chapter 37
A day off from work - started off with Hikaru and then end up with the rest of the members. Also a mention of how Keito has a stomach of a bottomless hole xDDDD

Chapter 38
Based on the manga itself... How each member thinks about being in manga should be like~ Pretty hilarious

Chapter 39
Just a very brief of what a day of work is like for JUMP~

Chapter 40 (final chapter of vol.2)
Based on what happened during photo shooting and interview for the released of 2nd volume of WaiWai HSJ!

So that's a brief description of all the remaining chapters... yes, I have still got a long way to go ><
This is how it works, comment below on the top 3 chapter that you want to read the most, and I'll tally them up and do them in the order of popularity~

Just on another note, I've translated Yuma's part in February's Wink Up, now whether that will be posted this week or not will depend if my English-beta has time to correct my grammars for me. But keep an eye out for it ;)
Until next time, Ciao~~~