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Hello! Pen name is YuMi, age is 23~ Taiwan-born & Australia-grown!Favorite food is takoyaki and anything asian generally. I have a hobbie of watching dramas and ANIME~!!! (Otaku right here :D

The reason I started up this livejournal is to be able to get more updates about Johnny's Entertainment news. I've know about Johnnys for 9 years now, but I've only been a fan of them for 6 years. The reason being, my best friend introduced me to NEWS & KAT-TUN back in 2006 when they were still called 'Johnny's pretty boys'. Back then I wasn't interested in boys/idols/what-so-ever. Until 2009, I came acroos a drama called [BATTERY]. The boy named Nakayama Yuma caught my eye! And we all know how the stories go from there =w=
So my 2 favorite member of JE is Nakayama Yuma & Okamoto Keito!. Keito was originally my least favorite member in JUMP simply because I didn't get to see or even hear him much due to the uneven distribution of JUMP, but as time goes~ his placed raised to the top!
My top 2 favorite groups are actually Jr groups: Snow Man & 6Tones, the only 2 group where I just love every single member. I'm very fond of the following groups as well:
♥KinKi Kids
♥Johnny's West
♥Hey! Say! JUMP
♥plus several Jrs!(Masuda Ryo, Abe Ryohei, Iwamoto Hikaru, Hagiya Keigo, etc).

Other non-JE I listen to are:
♫Miura Daichi
♫Matsushita Yuya
♫Sandaime J Soul Brothers
♫GENERATIONS from Exile Tribe
♫Nishino Kana
♫Amuro Namie


Of course, as a Taiwanese born child~ I do have a few idol groups & Individuals of which I admire: Fahrenheit, JJ Lin, Will Pan, Tank, Rainie Yang, Cyndi Wang, F.I.R. & Da Mouth

other stuff

I don't lock any of my entries so feel free to add me if you'd like to see what goes on my page! If you'd really like to be my friend and want me to add you back, don't be afraid to start talking to me. If you regularly comment on my entries I'll remember you but don't expect to start befriending you unless you let me know =P
I'm most comfortable with English and Mandarin Chinese~ Japanese is fine as well but is requires me to use my brain more =S
I do sometimes present my own opinion on certain things and issues, feel free to challenge me if you have legit reasons (e.g. there are others things and stories I don't know about on this issue). But do not come and comment on things like 'No Yumi, you're wrong because you're stupid and don't understand'~If you don't like what you see and don't have anything polite to say... GET OUT! As long as we're clear on that... Welcome to my livejournal

Thing I share on my Journal

I translate and sometimes scanlate magazine articles and other things, you are welcome to repost them and share them to other places without credit as long as you don't claim them your own. You can say 'I found this somewhere' or 'some other fan translated this'. If I find out that you've been taking my translation and saying 'I translate this myself!' I'll start locking all my translations and scanlations. I have had a particular person using my translation as well as scans and re-translated to their own language with the EXACT SAME FORMAT! So if I find out anyone else is doing that, watch out!
Just on another note, I do not take requests~ Simply because like most of you, I do have a life and other priorities. So I'm sorry, you're just going to have to find someone else for that.